Artisan Ceramics


Art Antic l’Alcora is made up of the master craftsmen who, since 1999, have been producing unique pieces of artistic and modern ceramics following a full manual manufacturing process

Floor tiles, wall tiles, sculptures, plaques, trophies, hand-painted tiles, handmade tiles, hydraulic tiles, embossed tiles ... the limit is your imagination. The tradition in the production process gives us the possibility to customize 100% each project, each piece, thus creating truly unique products that give originality to decorate any space.

Discover the artisanal ceramics decoration world together with Art Antic l’Alcora. A world where tradition is perfectly combine with the avant-garde and latest trends. A world where the value of authenticity is the essence of each piece.

Custom Artisan Ceramics Tiles

100% custom. Custom-made following an artisan process. Ceramic tiles Craft Art Antic l'Alcora adapt to the requirements of all kinds of decorative projects. Whatever they are.

Art Antic l'Alcora manufactures handmade ceramic tiles in which shape, size, colour, texture, finish, decorations... are designed and made to measure.

What kind of ceramic tiles does your project need? Flooring? Wall cladding? Hand-painted hydraulic tiles? Metro style tiles? Fish scale tiles? Tiles with relief? Outdoor tiles? Indoor tiles?... Everything is possible thanks to our artisanal process combined with the most innovative techniques. Tell us more about your project!

Cerámica Artesanal a Medida

Special Offers on Handmade Ceramics

Ceramic pieces designed by our master craftsmen and women, and manufactured following a completely manual process. Unique and singular decorative elements at very special prices.
Limited models. Limited offers.

Artisan Ceramics

Never lose the essence of craftsmanship. At Art Antic l'Alcora we maintain the artisan process in the production of all our products. From tiles to sculptures or hand-painted ceramic murals. A process that involves the essence of authenticity.

Having Art Antic l'Alcora handcrafted ceramic pieces means having unique decorative elements. To offer a cult of originality in order to stand out.

Would you like your decorative project to stand out? You are in the right place. Tell us your idea and we will help you make it a reality. Every great idea comes from a small thought.

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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