Ceramic Artistic murals

You are looking for a unique decorative element that makes your space will be remembered for who visit? Ceramic murals are a spectacular choice.

Art Antic in l'Alcora manufacture and hand painted murals handmade ceramic-made.

What is a ceramic mural Art Antic L'Alcora?

Art Antic ceramic murals l'Alcora are a set of handmade tiles manufactured and hand-painted together create a unique design suitable for outdoor areas and interior.

They can dress any surface: from the wall, floor or ceiling, to be used to decorate more special touches like the bar of a bar or the bottom of a pool. In addition, they can also be used as ceramics carpets, carpet furniture, posters or placards ceramic ...

Having a ceramic mural made for decorating a space is to have a decorative element that will become the core of any interior design project.

Let your imagination and tell us the design you want to capture in the ceramic mural that will highlight your decorating project.

Ceramic Tile Murals

Our team of craftsmen and personalize every detail of your ceramic mural.

Each tile that is part of the ceramic mural is made following a thorough craft process that combines tradition with the latest cutting-edge techniques. What we can take care of every detail of each piece.

Ceramic tile murals as.

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What aspects can be customized in the ceramic mural?

Ceramic murals

The format

The parts forming the ceramic wall can be manufactured in the format required. The most common are square or rectangular, but l'Alcora Art Antic we adapt to your decorating project. Need triangular tiles that conform? How shaped fish escape? Hexagonal ¿? ... Tell us!


The size

Art Antic in l'Alcora we are specialized in the manufacture of large-scale ceramic murals that cover large areas. Each mural is composed of multiple hand-painted ceramic tiles that make a great and unique custom design. Each project is unique, and therefore we also carry out ceramic murals smaller dimensions, such as to coat the bar of a restaurant or bar.


The color

Ceramic murals in black and white, focusing on a specific color range or full color! The limit is up to you.


The design

The star element of any ceramic mural is decorated. The technique of hand-painted allows our teachers and master craftsmen / as shape in the tiles or tile design that requires your decorating project.



Matt, gloss, iridescent, fluor, tiedye style, degraded ...



Embossed outward or inward. Either way, any relief is possible. We design molds each tile to subsequently form as a whole a great personalized design.


The material

We adapt to the requirements of each project. Each piece is made with the best raw materials to not only become a decorative element, but it is functional, durable and high quality.

The material will depend on the conditions of space: Need a ceramic mural for a bath? For a kitchen? A ceramic mural for a patio? To decorate the interior of a pool? Anything is possible if the right material is used.

Art Antic l'Alcora we take care of creating and paint each and every one of the tiles that make up the ceramic murals under strict quality control and production that governs all our processes. Only such a flawless result worthy of being placed in any interior design project is guaranteed.

Ceramic murals

Why they are Succeeding Ceramic Murals Interior Design?

Many restaurants, hotels, bars, commercial, and even private homes that already enjoy these works of art created by the composition of dozens of artisans hand-painted tiles, one by one. Why they are so successful?

The keys to the success of ceramic murals Art Antic L'Alcora, both large and small scale, lie in its unique design and striking character.

The stunning first impression, of course, leaves no one indifferent. In addition, the fact of having a single element, 100% personalized and hand painted by teachers and craft teachers is another of the competitive advantages that have placed Art Antic L'Alcora in the highest positions in relation to the decoration and interior design to international level.

Finally, these pieces of handmade pottery become, in most cases, the main decorative element of the spaces most current design.

Artists and internationally renowned interior designers have not missed the opportunity to gain one or more of these pieces for their projects more personal interior design. What are you gonna do?


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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