Mosaic tiles

At Art Antic l'Alcora we manufacture mosaic tiles for indoor and outdoor areas following a totally handcrafted process that allows us to personalise them 100%.

Ceramic mosaics or mosaic tiles made by hand.

Mosaics are a style of tile that is making a strong comeback to decorate spaces in private homes such as kitchens, bathrooms, patios and terraces. We can also see them as the protagonist of many decorative projects in restaurants, bars, hotels and commercial premises. They are spectacular.

Mosaic tiles are here to stay!

What is a ceramic mosaic tile?

Mosaic tiles are made up of various ceramic pieces called tesserae. All of them form a "mesh" to create a design that will decorate a surface, such as a wall.

Thanks to the artisan process that we maintain at Art Antic l'Alcora, we can personalise each piece that forms part of the mosaic tile. We manufacture and paint each tesserae by hand in order to take care of all the details and thus create a unique and customized design.

Art Antic l'Alcora, mosaic style tiles, how to buy them?

At Art Antic l'Alcora we work to order in order to be able to adapt to each decorative project. Tell us about it!

What kind of mosaic tiles do you need, what style, what colours, texture, shape...? Send us an email to so that we can specify the details and draw up a tailor-made, non-binding quotation.

Ceramic Mosaics

Opt for mosaic cladding or mosaic flooring if you are looking for a versatile, trendy and original option for your decorative project.

Ceramic mosaics, being made up of small pieces, can be adapted to all kinds of spaces, even if their shape is irregular.

This level of adaptability increases if you count on Art Antic l'Alcora, as our master craftsmen and women personalise the shape and size of each of these pieces.

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What aspects of Art Antic l'Alcora mosaics can be customized? All of them.

Ceramic Murals

The Format

The pieces that make up the ceramic mosaic can be manufactured in any format required.


The Size

the size of each of the pieces and the size of the ceramic mosaic depends on the characteristics of the project. At Art Antic l'Alcira we can manufacture from mosaic tiles for a private kitchen, to covering an entire wall of a hotel terrace.

Our master craftsmen and women specialise in large-scale ceramic mosaics. XXL designs made up of hundreds of hand-painted pieces create exclusive decorative elements. But we also create mosaic style tiles for smaller projects that require detailed work.


The Colour

ceramic mosaics in black and white, centred on a chromatic range or in full colour!


The Finish

Matt, shiny, iridescent, fluorine, tiedye style, gradient...


The Design

We manufacture decorative tiles with the design you need. Hydraulic tiles? Yes. Tiles with a hand-painted design? Yes. Tiles with letters? Yes. With numbers? Yes. Just tell us with a sketch what kind of decoration you want to appear on the personalised tiles of your project, and we will make it happen.


The Relief

ceramic mosaic with relief? It is possible if that is what your decorative project needs. We manufacture ceramic pieces with soft reliefs or with more pronounced shapes. Handmade to measure.


The Material

We adapt to the requirements of each project. It all depends on the use that the ceramic mosaic is going to be put to and the space that is going to be decorated. Is it for outdoors? Indoors? For an area with a high traffic of people? An area with a lot of humidity or even a wet area such as a swimming pool?

Every aspect of an Art Antic l'Alcora ceramic mosaic can be personalised, so anything is possible. What does your decorative project need to stand out? Tell us about it!

Decorative Tips for Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles for bathrooms and mosaic tiles for kitchens have always been the most common, along with ceramic mosaic tiles that decorated the inside of swimming pools. BUT, that has changed.

The use of mosaic style tiles has spread to other areas of the home, and especially to important rooms in restaurants, hotels and commercial premises.

Decorating a wall or a section of a wall in the lounge of a large hotel or restaurant with a ceramic mosaic is something that is becoming increasingly important. It is a very versatile decorative element in its form and decoration that brings a very original and distinctive touch to the space.

Play with the different shapes that you can build with the combination of the pieces that make up the ceramic mosaic. Create unique and singular designs with Art Antic l'Alcora thanks to the personalisation offered by our artisan process.

The limit is in your imagination.

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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