Handcrafted tiles

Craftsmen Art Antic tiles l'Alcora. Under a completely manual process in l'Alcora Art Antic we manufacture all types of ceramic tiles. Wall and floor tiles craft as they adapt to the demands of style and interior design of any space, both indoor and outdoor.

Custom Handcrafted tiles in color, shape, size, texture, embossed finish and even decoration.

artisan hand-painted ceramic tiles for both private homes and for decorative restoration projects, hotels, museums, public buildings ...

Craftsmen tiles as

We manufacture of ceramic tiles as your decorating project. Flooring and coating both areas outdoor and indoor spaces.

Have you thought about what would be the perfect ceramic tiles for your kitchen? Are the tiles for your bathroom? Does your terrace? We can manufacture them.

Have you designed the ceramic tiles that best fit the decorative project that restaurant you're decorating? Or that hotel? Or that store? We can manufacture them.

Whatever the design of your ceramic tiles in Art Antic L'Alcora, thanks to our traditional process, we can achieve them.

Craftsmen tiles as

Decorative tiles

Decorative coatings and decorative pavements as spaces for both exterior and interior. Hand painted tiles hydraulic your decorative project needs to stand out. In addition, we also restore antique tiles with decorated to look like new without losing its history.

Custom tiles

What kind of ceramic tiles needs your decorating project? Whatever the design, color, size, shape, finish, embossed, decorated in Art Antic ... l'Alcora we can make them. Our teachers and master craftsmen / as made and hand painted ceramic piece each, which allows complete customization.

Hand painted tiles

Any design is possible with Art Antic L'Alcora. You have hand-painted tiles fully customized for your decorating project. Since hydraulic tiles, to monocolor tiles, ceramic murals through XXL in which each piece makes up a large collage. Pieces and unique personality.

Mosaic tiles Type

Decorate the floor, wall or ceiling with ceramic tiles hand-painted, as a whole, form a mosaic is possible with Art Antic L'Alcora. Manufacture piece by piece manually, so the design and size of the ceramic mural is fully customizable.

Relief tiles

Art Antic in l'Alcora manufacture as every aspect of your project tiles, even the relief. We design and create the right mold for tiles relief you need. Endless decorative possibilities open way thanks to our traditional process. What type of embossed tiles are you thinking?

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Handcrafted tiles

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