Customised Tiles

Customized Art Antic l'Alcora tiles. We manufacture all kinds of custom-made ceramic pieces for your interior design project.

Be yourself. The world worships the original.
The famous phrase of actress Ingrid Bergman summarize the essence of the modern interior.

Be original, be unique. Differentiate yourself from the rest and decorate spaces with character and personality that create memories in the minds of those who enjoy them.

To be unique you must have unique pieces.

At Art Antic l'Alcora, since 1999, our master craftsmen and women have been combining the most ancient manual process with the latest innovations and trends to create floor and wall tiles and all kinds of totally personalised handcrafted ceramic pieces. The perfect combination of tradition and avant-garde allows us to offer great versatility when it comes to manufacturing customized ceramic products.

The limit is your imagination.

We design and manufacture customized tiles in terms of shape, size, texture, finish, relief, colour and decoration. All aspects of a ceramic piece can be made to measure and we adapt to the requirements of your project, tell us what you need!

Customized Ceramics for Interior Design Projects

At Art Antic l'Alcora we manufacture customized tiles both for large interior design projects (hotel refurbishments, restaurant refurbishments, museums, commercial premises...) and for small private homes.

One of the advantages of custom tiles is that they can be adapted to any project and budget. In addition to all kinds of requirements.

Do you need custom ceramic tiles for exterior? For interior? Hydraulic tiles? Single-colour tiles? Metrotile tiles? Embossed tiles? Tiles with hand-painted decorations? Hexagonal tiles? Fish scale tiles? Matt? Brick? Custom tile mosaics? Tiles for high traffic areas?

Whatever your decorative project is, it will get an added value if you have unique custom-made ceramic pieces.

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Customized Art Antic Tiles

Customized, handcrafted ceramics are no longer a material reserved for heritage renovations and specific decoration projects, as they have made their way into the most groundbreaking and avant-garde interior design.

With the appearence of the vintage style in the world of decoration, a trend has also emerged that seeks to recover the essence and style so characteristic and welcoming of Mediterranean style homes where ceramic tiles and hand-painted tiles play a leading role.

For some time now we have been seeing projects in Spain, but also abroad, where ceramics is not only a fantastic material for flooring or wall cladding, but also acts as a decorative element, adding value to the space.

Art Antic l'Alcora has been faithful to its principles of design, quality and artisan tradition since its beginnings and for this reason it has been chosen to collaborate on projects for major national and international firms. In collaboration with some of the best interior designers and decorators on the national scene, Art Antic's handmade tiles are present in some of the most fashionable bars in Madrid and Barcelona, hotels and restaurants in the main cities of our country, shops and franchises of renowned clothing and accessories firms, etc...

Customized, handmade tiles are part of our Mediterranean culture, of our way of understanding human relationships and the home, and for this reason they are much more than a trend or a passing fad, they are a philosophy of life.

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Art Antic Customized Tiles, how far does personalisation go?

At Art Antic l'Alcora we create the customized tiles you need.

What's on your mind? Tell us about it. Even if you've never seen them anywhere else. That's the advantage of having custom-made products, that you can create new and original pieces for your decorative project.

You can customize

Ceramic Murals

The Format

square, hexagonal, metretile, triangular, fish scale and even circular, why not?


The shape

In addition to selecting the format, you can also choose the shape. Imagine you need ceramic letters for your restaurant. We can create it!


The Size

You can have ceramic pieces in any size you need, from very small tiles to large ceramic slabs.


The Colour

Personalised tiles in one colour or in different shades.


The Design

We manufacture decorative tiles with the design you need. Hydraulic tiles? Yes. Tiles with a hand-painted design? Yes. Tiles with letters? Yes. With numbers? Yes. Just tell us with a sketch what kind of decoration you want to appear on the personalised tiles of your project, and we will make it happen.


The Finish

Matt, shiny, iridescent, fluorine, tiedye style, gradient...


The Relief

with relief towards the outside or towards the inside. Any shape, any relief is possible. We design the mould for your personalised tile and create the relief you need.

Buy Tiles Custom Art Antic. How to purchase?

At Art Antic l'Alcora we work on request, so contact us at

Tell us what you have in mind. What type of custom tile you need specifying the square metres (you can attach inspirational images).

Our sales department will contact you to determine the details and prepare a non-binding quotation, also personalised.

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Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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