Tiles with Relief

Art Antic l'Alcora is made up of a team of master craftsmen and women who, since 1999, have been designing and manufacturing 100% personalised ceramic pieces following a rigorous manual process. Handcrafted wall and floor tiles and floor tiles made to measure for all kinds of decorative projects.

What type of ceramic tiles do you need for your interior design projects? Let your creativity fly because with Art Antic l'Alcora any design is possible.

We customise every aspect of every ceramic piece you need to decorate the space you are working on. You will make it unique. You will give it personality.

We customise the relief of the ceramic tiles for your new construction or renovation project.

Tell us about it! At Art Antic l'Alcora we work to order so that we can adapt to each of the requirements of your idea. Get in touch with us, tell us about your project and we will draw up a made-to-measure, no-obligation quote.

Relief Tiles

The relief on the tiles brings dynamism and movement to the space by "breaking" with the aesthetics of a plain ceramic tile. It allows you to guide the eye and, in addition, to have original and unique pieces.

The decorative possibilities are endless if you have 100% personalised handmade relief tiles.

Play with the combination of different reliefs; opt for tiles with relief on the outside or, on the contrary, choose relief on the inside of the piece; mix colours, textures, styles... or opt for a single design for all the ceramic pieces with relief. The limit is in your imagination.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we make the mould of each piece by hand, so we can adapt to any idea. Maintaining a meticulous artisan process, combined with the most avant-garde techniques, the experience of our master craftsmen and craftswomen and the best raw materials give us the possibility of creating truly unique, high quality and custom-made pieces.

If you want to design a ceramic tile you think is impossible, then we say yes, it is possible. If you are thinking of including relief tiles in your decorative project, you are in the right place. At Art Antic l'Alcora we have many years of experience in the handmade ceramic pieces industry. Trust us and tell us what you are looking for!

azulejos con relieve blancos - Azulejos Con Relieve

Decorative Tips for Relief Tiles

Relief tiles are as captivating to the eye as they are to the touch.

Their shapes and textures add a very special touch, filling the space they decorate with nuances and attractiveness.

What kind of relief tiles can we create at Art Antic l'Alcora?

All types. Our handcrafted process means that we can adapt to the demands of your design without exception. We can manufacture from more subtle pieces to tiles with a more pronounced relief.

The most common relief tiles are those used as ceramic wall coverings, but their uses are infinite, as many as there are ideas.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we have made ceramic pieces with relief to decorate the front of the bar in several restaurants and hotels; also to decorate the risers of stairs with a lot of character; we have created ceramic mouldings with relief to combine with plain tiles and even to decorate the edge of some outdoor tables.

The decorative possibilities offered by tiles with reliefs are very interesting to achieve an original touch in your spaces.

azulejos relieve pieza volumen acabado metalizado - Azulejos Con Relieve

Types of relief tile installation

  • You can use them to decorate just one wall of the room. A wall that will take centre stage.
  • Another very interesting way of laying the tiles is halfway up the wall. Combine embossed tiles with plain tiles that create a spectacular contrast, but at the same time are in harmony. Decorate half a wall with one and the other half with the other style.
  • Combination of relief tiles and smooth collage-style pieces. Make a mix of tiles of both styles on the same wall. You can, for example, decorate a room with plain wall tiles and include some embossed pieces that can be staked.

These are just three ways to place them. The limit is in your ideas, what do you have in mind for your decorative project?

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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