Reform Projects

Our traditional process and complete customization of each ceramic piece has given us the opportunity to work with studies and interior decorators renowned both nationally and internationally that have had products Art Antic l 'Alcora, to give character and personality to its reform plans.

Handmade tiles custom made for interior design projects, comprehensive reforms and ceramic restoration projects. unique pieces and custom to bring a special touch and add value to any environment.

In l'Art Antic Alcola we maintain a rigorous manual procedure in the manufacture of our ceramic products: flooring, paneling, friezes, tacos, steps, plates, sculptures ... which allows us to customize 100%.

Our / artisans / as materialize the design of ceramic tiles you need for your decorating project. In addition, making handmade reproductions of discontinued parts or replace damaged parts with new ones to keep that aspect of the passage of time. Its essence.

Interior design projects

All interior design project has two common goals: be unique and special, both practical and functional. For this it is necessary to have elements that support.

Opt for ceramic products Art Antic l'Alcora if you want to incorporate practicality and uniqueness to your decorating project. Made parts with the highest quality ceramic. Strength, quality and design.

Tell us what kind of ceramic tile your project needs reform, either a comprehensive or partial project, outdoor or indoor, for an individual or a company (hotel, restaurant, shop ...) ... and make it happen.

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Renovation of bathrooms

The decor in the bathrooms, has awakened! Not only it takes into account the functionality, but also aesthetics. You are thinking about reforming the bathroom? Art Antic in l'Alcora manufacture tiles for your bathroom personalized way.

Kitchen renovations

handmade tiles for kitchens with style. Reform your kitchen will be unique and to your liking, because our craftsmen / as manufactured as the coating and / or flooring you have in mind.

Meetings reforms

Wall and floor coverings custom salon. Art Antic in l'Alcora we adapt to any style with our manual manufacturing processes. Craftsmanship, quality, functionality and design in your living room.

Terrazas reforms

Terrazas spectacular! And most importantly, to your taste. If you're thinking about reforming the terrace of your home or business you are in the right place. Art Antic in l'Alcora can manufacture the cladding and flooring for your personalized deck. Design tiles that resist the passage of time.

Reforms Hotels

Floor and wall coverings as for reforms hotels. The uniqueness and good taste in decor is a decisive factor for guests. Having exclusive pieces that fit the personality of the hotel will make a difference.

Reforms of Bars and Restaurants

Made tiles for decorative projects as bars and restaurants. Whether new construction or renovation. Floor and wall tiles hand-painted will catch the eyes of the people. monocolor pieces, tiles embossed with decorated ceramic murals that make up a mosaic ... Each design is customized to the millimeter.

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Handcrafted tiles

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    Ceramic murals

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    Reform projects

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