Living Room Remodelings

Are you looking for ideas for the renovation of your living-dining room? In Art Antic L' Alcora you will find all the inspiration you need.

Our master craftsmen and women create by hand all types of ceramics for living rooms. Tailor-made ceramic wall and floor tiles for your living room with the best qualities and 100% customised.

We adapt to the requirements of your living room renovation. Choose the colour, shape, finish, size and even the relief and decoration that we will painstakingly paint by hand. Our attention to detail will provide your decorative project with unique and original ceramic pieces for your home.

Turn your living room into a comfortable, functional space with its own style that will not go unnoticed.

Advantages of Remodeling the Dining Room

Thinking of remodeling the dining room in your home? It is one of the main rooms, where you usually spend a lot of time and even in the company of guests.

The aim is to turn the dining room into a functional and cosy place where you feel like being. A place to your taste that fits in with the personality and style of the whole house.

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Tips for remodeling the dining room


Light points

Study where they are and if they are scarce, think about how to include more. Taking them into account is very important when determining the layout of the areas in your dining room.


Floor and Wall TIles

Providing a sense of warmth is one of the most sought-after characteristics for living/dining room floors, which is why some people think of wood. But if you are also looking for a hard-wearing, low-maintenance, clean and hygienic material, the best option is ceramic; that is why wood-inspired ceramic floors are in such high demand. It is a very good option for your living room renovation.

In addition, you can combine them, for example, with a beautiful custom-made ceramic carpet of hydraulic tiles that will help you to delimit spaces.



When choosing the furniture for the living room, take into account the opening of the windows, the doors leading into the room and the light points. These will determine its layout and size.


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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