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Discover the world of handmade ceramics with Art Antic L'Alcora. All kinds of handmade ceramic pieces for your decorative projects. Visit our catalogues or customize 100% your floor and/or wall tiles.

At Art Antic l'Alcora you have ceramic floor and wall tiles already designed by our master craftsmen and women. A perfect combination of tradition and avant-garde that you can discover through our catalogues. On the other hand, you have the possibility of CUSTOMIZING every aspect of the ceramic pieces you need for your project.

Consult our catalogues and choose the model you love or send us a contact form telling us what kind of ceramic pieces you need for your project and we will make them to measure.

Artisan Tile Shop

Unique and original ceramic pieces of high quality suitable for outdoors and indoors, manufactured under a totally handmade process.

It has pieces with character and personality for your home or business. Pure craftsmanship for all kinds of projects.

Fusion de tradicion y vanguardia  - Catálogo

Porcelain tiles

Discover all our models of handmade and hand-painted porcelain tiles. Original decorations, unique reliefs, incredible designs that combine tradition and the latest trends in interior design.

Ceramic Tiles

Handmade ceramic tiles. In addition to the possibility of customising the tiles for your decorative project, at Art Antic l'Alcora we have a wide range of models already designed by our master craftsmen and women. Discover them right here!

Custom orders

Wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic murals, plaques for businesses and homes, trophies, sculptures, columns, mouldings, washbasins... All kinds of ceramic pieces 100% personalised and handmade. Tell us what you need!


Handmade ceramic tiles with their own personality at special prices. Discover our selection of handmade floor and wall tiles with special offers and promotions. Art Antic l'Alcora within reach of all kinds of decorative projects.

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Handcrafted tiles

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    Ceramic Murals

    Especialistas en murales ceramicos - Catálogo
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    Renovation Projects

    Fusion de tradicion y vanguardia  - Catálogo