Bathroom Remodeling

The exciting world of bathroom renovations. Endless decorative possibilities open up with Art Antic l'Alcora, and it is in your hands (and in the hands of our craftsmen and craftswomen) to personalise the design of your bathroom.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we manufacture handmade ceramic floor and wall tiles for your bathroom. Our traditional creation process, combined with new trends and innovations, allows us to personalise 100% the ceramic pieces that will dress the floors and walls of your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling. Prices

At Art Antic l'Alcora we work to order in order to be able to adapt 100% to the demands, budget and needs of the decorative project, whether small or large, for individuals or for interior design studios... and that is why we need to know what you are looking for in your bathroom renovation.

What do you have in mind? What type of ceramic product are you looking for? Fill in the contact form, tell us and we will inform you.

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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about bathroom remodelings is: How to remodel a small bathroom?

A bathroom with just a few square metres can look spectacular and also be functional if you choose the right options.

Tips for remodling a small bathroom



Use light colours for the ceramic tiles in your bathroom and make the most of the details (taps, handles...) to give them a different and contrasting touch. Does that mean that you cannot choose, for example, a hydraulic floor tile? No, just opt for designs in which neutral colours are the protagonists. Should I always choose white as the main colour for the ceramic tiling? Not if you don't want to, there are endless pastel colours, earth tones... that you can take advantage of.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we can make your bathroom wall and floor tiles to measure. We personalise the colour, the size, the shape, the finish, the decoration...


¿Bath or shower?

Shower. Choose a shower if your bathroom is small and transparent glass screens. It will provide luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness.



Make the most of natural light. Do not use curtains. If you don't have windows, include several light points in your small bathroom with energy-saving or LED bulbs to brighten up your space.



All sliding! Both the access to the room, as well as the shower screen and even the furniture. They will help you gain space and increase the functionality of your bathroom.



We recommend that you opt for a vanity unit for the washbasin in your small bathroom. It is practical, gives a sense of space and you can always use the lower part to store objects in, for example, wicker baskets.


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Bathroom Remodeling

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