Hotel Remodelings

Tailor-made ceramic pieces for unique decorative projects where originality and attractiveness take centre stage.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we manufacture customised wall and floor tiles and all kinds of ceramic pieces for the renovation of hotels all over the world.

Over the years, our master craftsmen have specialised in the creation of unique pieces for large decorative projects in hotels. Art Antic l'Alcora handcrafted floor and wall tiles decorate various rooms in different national and international hotels that do not go unnoticed.

Ceramic pieces for outdoors and indoors. For living rooms, dining rooms, halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, terraces, spas, gyms, wine cellars, and even for the inside of swimming pools. Hotels with their own personality that make guests fall in love with them from the very first moment.

If you are immersed in an interior design project for a hotel renovation or new construction and you want to add value to the decoration with custom-made ceramic pieces, tell us about it!

Hotel Projects

Decoration, originality and the impact of design have become the keys to distinguishing commercial spaces such as hotels, shops, restaurants, offices and public spaces. A combination that allows the personality of the space to be expressed, creating an exclusive experience that is difficult to forget.

The unique and custom-made pieces, such as Art Antic l'Alcora's XXL tiles and murals, provide not only quality, but also uniqueness and flexibility to any idea that arises from the most creative minds.

reformas hoteles ascensores - Reformas de Hoteles

We continue to use old techniques which, together with technological innovation and the art of applying different colours, allow us to offer totally avant-garde and innovative products.

Let our hotel projects inspire you.


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    reforma bano Hotel Pulitzer Bano - Reformas de Hoteles

    Kitchen Remodeling

    hotel h10 vintage salou 3 previa - Reformas de Hoteles
    pie proyectos de reforma - Reformas de Hoteles

    Hall Remodeling

    Amazonico Lazaro Rosa Violan - Reformas de Hoteles

    Terrace Remodelings

    Hotel Remodelings

    reformas hoteles entrada - Reformas de Hoteles

    Remodeling of Bars and Restaurants

    DSC06676 - Reformas de Hoteles