Hand Painted Tiles

Hand-painted tiles Art Antic l'Alcora.

As part of our artisan essence, at Art Antic l'Alcora we hand-paint custom-made tiles with a skill that only experience, know-how, dedication and passion for what you do can give you.

Hand painted tiles of all types.
Coatings, flooring and custom handcrafted ceramic pieces.

Hand paint allows our teachers and master craftsmen / as customize every detail of the design of the tile, either a coating, a floor, a ceramic mural, sculpture ...

Each decorative project is unique and includes customized ceramic pieces, which is is the key to achieving an extraordinary result.

Tell us what kind of hand-painted tiles do you need for your project and we will inform you without obligation. Contact us!

Hand-painted Ceramics.
An Added value for your decorating project

The decorative possibilities of these hand-painted artisan tiles know no limits and are becoming a key element of differentiation in local, hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping spaces designed by the most acclaimed architects and interior designers.

Also in projects and reforms of private homes that want to add a handmade and personal touch to the design.

Craftsmanship is in fashion and at your service with Art Antic l'Alcora!

Why hand-painted tiles?

Only the process of hand-painting can give the tiles in a project that true artisan essence.

Hand-painted tiles are not synonymous with old-fashioned elements. They are not if you are able to make the process evolve with the latest trends in interior design. Being able to preserve the traditional essence of hand-painting, but making the most of it to create avant-garde and trendy pieces is an art. An art that our master craftsmen and women have mastered thanks to their extensive experience and dedication.

Having hand-painted wall coverings, tiles or ceramic pieces means including unique elements in your decorative project that are sure to add value, character and personality to the design.

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Hand Painted Wall Murals

Art Antic l'Alcora has been manufacturing ceramic pieces since 1999 following a totally handmade and artisan process, which allows us to make all kinds of designs come true, giving free rein to creativity.

When we say hand-painted, can you imagine a craftsman or woman in a workshop with the scent of tradition, a ceramic piece on a table, a brush in their hand, a pot full of water to rinse and a palette with different paints? If that is what you imagine, you have just visualised the day-to-day life of Art Antic l'Alcora.

nd only in this way, with the excellent hand of the experienced craftsman and craftswoman, can authentic "works of art" be created, converted into ceramic pieces that will decorate the rooms of a house, a restaurant, a bar, a hotel or a commercial premises. This is the only way to replicate the design you want. That design that you have in mind, that goes on to a paper sketch and, from there, to the tile.

Those hand-painted tiles, take on their greatest splendour in our ceramic wall murals. Unique and magical. They attract the attention of all eyes and often become the centrepiece of the decoration of a space.

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What is a wall mural?

At Art Antic l'Alcora we have been making custom-made, hand-painted ceramic pieces for more than a decade, and one of our specialities are ceramic murals, whether for walls, floors or ceilings.

The murals are made up of several hand-painted ceramic pieces which together form a complete design. Our master craftsmen and women have created murals of all sizes, even XXL murals that cover an entire wall or several walls.

They are truly spectacular ceramic pieces.

Buy Art Antic l' Alcora Hand Painted Tiles.
How to buy them?

At Art Antic l'Alcora we work to order, so you should contact us by email artantic@artantic.es

Tell us about your decorative project and what type of hand-painted tiles you need. Square metres, colour, shape, area where you want to install them...

Our sales department will contact you to determine the details and prepare a customized estimate.

Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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