Bars and Restaurant Remodelings

Decoration in bars and restaurants has become a very important added value for diners and visitors. Who hasn't chosen a restaurant or bar for its presence as well as its gastronomy? Attracting attention and creating an atmosphere in keeping with the personality of the establishment is already a priority in the restaurant world.

How can you make your bar or restaurant decor stand out from the competition?

It includes unique pieces.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we design and manufacture made-to-measure ceramic pieces for new construction and refurbishment projects for bars and restaurants.

Fully customised wall and floor tiles for any room with high quality. Tiles suitable for places with high traffic such as living rooms; suitable for the high temperatures of the kitchen and easy to clean. 100% quality and resistance.

Made-to-measure tiles adapted to the design you need. Large or small-scale ceramic murals, hand-painted hydraulic tiles, ceramic letters with the name of the premises, bar cladding...

Choose personality. Choose originality. Choose to stand out. Choose Art Antic l'Alcora.

Restaurant Projects

The value of artisan work is on the rise, and the fact is that the artisan process allows us to create bespoke ceramic pieces that add value to the room they decorate. A value that manages to create unique experiences.

The decoration is added to the gastronomic offer of the premises to create a unique atmosphere that every diner and visitor will remember. Create spaces with character, don't go with the flow and adapt the design of the restaurant or bar to its personality.

reformas bares restaurantes bocadero - Reformas de Bares y Restaurantes

For this you need to have elements that do justice to that originality. Elements that truly reflect the essence of the restaurant or bar. Art Antic l'Alcora's handmade tiles are authentic Spanish ceramics and are handmade by craftsmen and women who collect and work the best clays with love, respect and without haste.

Be inspired by our restaurant and bar projects and design your own. Count on us to make it happen.


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    reforma bano Hotel Pulitzer Bano - Reformas de Bares y Restaurantes

    Kitchen Remodeling

    hotel h10 vintage salou 3 previa - Reformas de Bares y Restaurantes
    pie proyectos de reforma - Reformas de Bares y Restaurantes

    Hall Remodeling

    Amazonico Lazaro Rosa Violan - Reformas de Bares y Restaurantes

    Terrace Remodelings

    Hotel Remodelings

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    Remodeling of Bars and Restaurants

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