Terrace Remodelings

Art Antic handcrafted ceramic tiles for terraces and patios. Remodel the terrace or the patio of your home or business in a personalised way with our floor and wall tiles.

Extreme quality, resistant to the passage of time and climatic changes.

Decorate the terrace, patio or garden of your home or business with the latest trends in decoration, without sacrificing the quality of handmade ceramics. At Art Antic l' Alcora we manufacture each piece by hand using innovative techniques that allow us to personalise every aspect of the paving or cladding for the renovation of your terrace or patio.

Create an open space with a lot of personality and resistance that will leave everyone who visits it open-mouthed. Terraces and patios with artisan style.

Features of Remodeling a Penthouse Terrace

Thinking of remodeling the terrace of your penthouse?

The open spaces and outdoors in the home have become a highly valued room. Making them an appealing, comfortable and personal place is a decorative priority in many homes. Is this the case for you? Do you want your attic terrace to be a place to be proud of?

Get it with Art Antic l' Alcora. Reform the terrace of your attic with our handmade tiles. Count on them, and you will get a unique and tailor-made look.

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Tips for remodeling a penthouse terrace



Answer the following question: What use will I give to the terrace of my attic? Are you going to use it as a relaxation area, as an eating area, for visitors, for exercise? Is it going to be a play area for the little ones in the house, an area for your pet?...?



What style are you going to choose for the renovation of your attic terrace? Let yourself be inspired by specialised magazines, social networks... And find the one you like the most. From there, select the elements that fit with that style.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we adapt to all types of style, personalising the paving and cladding of your terrace.



Not all decorative elements are suitable for outdoors. Make sure you choose materials and furniture that can withstand the weather in the area where you live.

How to Remodel a Modern Terrace?

How to carry out the renovation of a modern terrace? The decision is yours.

The modern terrace is the one that suits you and the personality and needs of your home.

Trends come and go, but the personality and character of your home will last. Adapt your modern terrace renovation to these requirements.

Tips for remodeling a modern terrace


Characteristic style

Look for the style of your home. This style is a mixture of design and functionality. The decoration of your terrace will depend, on the one hand, on its intended use and, on the other hand, on your aesthetic taste.



Opt for materials that match the style and are suitable for outdoor use.

At Art Antic l'Alcora we have made-to-measure paving and cladding for terraces and patios that you can personalise.



Don't forget that your modern terrace renovation should never be without plants. This is an indispensable element.



If you want to bring warmth and comfort to your terrace or patio, include fabrics in the decoration. It could be cushions, chair or sofa covers, or even an outdoor rug to match that custom-made Art Antic l'alcira paving.


Tell us about your project and we will inform you.

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