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The validity of the Metro Tile, a Trend in Interior Design

Metro tile. This iconic tile model knows no fashions: it is, quite simply, timeless.

Artisan Style Metro Tile

Tiles dress up a large part of our walls. Some are more eye-catching, others more discreet, but they all give our structures a certain personality.

Cuando, además, se trata de Handcrafted Tiles esa carga de carácter se verá considerablemente aumentada, pues encierran todo el peso de la tradición y las huellas de la manufactura, consiguiendo un acabado único. Y si hay un azulejo con personalidad propia, con la eterna elegancia de la simpleza, ese es el modelo metro.

Metro Tile cladding. A contemporary born at the beginning of the 20th century

These tiles were created in 1904 to tile the New York underground and soon spread to London, Paris, Budapest and Madrid, as they were perfect for this location due to their simplicity, resistance, quick installation and easy cleaning.

Its format was also perfectly suited to the curvature of the tunnels and its brightness enhanced the luminosity of the dark suburbs.

The measurements of this tile model are twice as long as it is high, the most common sizes being 7.5 x 15 cm and 10 x 20 cm. A rectangular format with perimeter bevelling and a glossy glazed finish.
Black and white are the classic colours of this model, but nowadays the range of tones has increased considerably. The most common way of laying them is by interlocking them. This, together with the infinite repetition due to their small size, gives them a special feeling of spaciousness.

A Classic that Fits in a Multitude of Spaces

Interior design has never abandoned the use of this tile, but it is true that it is now a real trend.
Their durability and ease of cleaning make them particularly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, but it is not uncommon to find them in other rooms such as studios or living rooms, adding an original and urban touch. And, of course, they look great in many bars and restaurants, even in workshops, offices and shops of all kinds.

They have a retro, industrial and at the same time contemporary feel. Interior design professionals know that they are a safe bet because of their timeless and elegant quality. The look of handmade ceramics, which imprints a unique patina, makes them look splendid in any space. And in addition to their wide range of tones, there are also the infinite combinations that arise from playing with different tile arrangements and with the colours of the joints, which allow for original and eye-catching contrasts.

In short, underground tiles offer a world of possibilities. All of them guarantee an elegant and contemporary result. Would you opt for a more classic version or would you dare with the new trends?

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